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On Personal Slavery with a Lifestyle Domme

Updated: Jul 25, 2023



...The shoes were very nice. Next time, I'll choose them, however, to My preferences. your verbal approval of My footwear is unnecessary, though there may be an opportunity to comment physically. If I recall correctly, there was quite an abundance of commentary from you on so many things, which bogged down what should have been a lovely experience with you as a slave. It's never easy letting go of control, now is it?

The only way I deem you fit for any type of engagement is if you comprehend two things:

+++you are only in My life to improve and enhance My experience of it.+++ +++Any man in My presence surrenders to acceptance of this role.+++

I know this was an initial intention, however you very well know in your current accumulation of years, the limitations of intentions. And you know, perhaps more than ever, the value of valuable persons.

While friendships are grand, I am extremely short on time. I don't promote Myself in the streets or post much on social media, and have little interest in doing so. I play and interact primarily as a lifestyle domme and am very attached to My slaves. All personal slaves in My life know they must contribute a monthly donation to the dungeon with or without session (which remains an expensive but lavish resource), a few personal or kinky gifts as requested (cute dresses, whips, toys, appliances, you name it!), and when possible, actual service (and company, of course) every month. If schedules are too tight, this can be subcontracted (i.e. hire a handyman, mechanic, lawn guy, housekeeper). LOL right now, I'm in the weeds and such things are woefully necessary in exchange for My time.

So there, that's a lot to think about. I'm not pretending to be the embodiment of order or tidiness, perfection or any of that jazz. This is more about getting into the web of a woman who looks at most things a little differently than everyone else. This is about living life and discovering personal development. This is about the special sort of joy you'll discover once you let go and allow yourself to accept, trust, and give freely in a sea of surrender.



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