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Dungeon Fungeon and the Flight Ahead

All passengers, please enjoy the story soon to be posted, as we prepare for take off.

Until then...

South Florida's most elegant, intellectual, sexy, goofy, and Elvira like goddess of the night is writing of the Dungeon Fungeon, and shall write more of the current situation!

Book sessions - if you have ever wanted to visit this place, now is the time, and I'm right here to enjoy the place on the other side of the bars. I summon all fans, slaves, and concubines of curiosity, adherents, past lovers, future lovers, and followers to come in here for a last, fantastic whirl, so when the next chapter comes, we have something nostalgic to chatter about and memories to share of this legendary spot. Expect opportunities for small slavepit parties. Lol....bring a bottle of wine.

Check My booking page for contact info, or call/text Me directly.

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