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South Florida Sorceress and Dominatrix, seeking slaves for adventure on the high seas, slaving on My pirate ship of Deviant Dominant Damsels...
not to mention the Generatrix, Owner, and Operatrix Prime of SFL's finest dungeonspace/studio for all things magically kinky.

I enjoy spending time with all interesting persons, couples, creatures, boys, gurls, and girls at ALL levels of experience. The pleasure to Me is in the journey, not the destination... to peel away boundaries and levels of protection, to find what lies underneath. - Apply for a session with this highly educated, experienced, and seductively vampyric prodomme only if you are ready to open a door you cannot close... right down that rabbit hole to the sweet abyss of submission.


Some of you may already know me... this is My life's passion, and I have been playing, sessioning, and running My studio for over a decade. Because I so enjoy everything to do with such things as kink, power exchange, and all deviant amusements, I take great pleasure in educating other women in the arts of domination and controlling the male mind, body, and soul. I encourage every couple to pursue education to enhance their relationship and discover new levels of intimacy, passion, and openness. Sexual excitement is in the mind!

Consider Me a dream domme and seductive owner, a sexy, demanding, confident woman who loves sipping wine whilst crossing and uncrossing My legs and tormenting others with My notion of "fun" psychological play... just until I glide across the room to demonstrate My ownership and seductive prowess. Then I usually laugh. Laughter, we are told, is the best medicine.


Additionally, I'm quite friendly to anyone able to bring a decent conversation, who is most relaxed at the feet of a powerful woman, who loves being under lock and key, who finds such things as dungeons delicious, who considers bdsm a beautifully refined form of performance art, who considers psychology and art and sex and all that jazz to be the sublimely twisted little spin out appendages of our soul and its turgid, throbbing captivations. That last sentence was a form of mental breath play. Now you may breathe.

I have penchants for the following (in no particular order): classic domination, power exchange, sensual sadism, bare hand spankings, flogging, canes, singletail, manners, seduction, cbt, smothering, keyholding, forced fem, emasculation, phallic worship, sissification, humiliation, invasive play, human caging, inescapable bondage, goddess idolatry, butlers/maids, traditional subservience, catsuits, tease and denial, golden showers, high heel torment, manor house slavery, human ponies and pets, domination dates, gender reversal, fantasy hypnotism, neurolinguistic programming, chastity games of all types, housekeepers, human furniture, wallet rape, training new girls to torment men, fantasy witchcraft, leather dungeoning, upscale scenes, real mistress experience, slavepit parties, whip targets, saran wrap, foot and boot slavery, role play, and full tilt erotic priestessing.

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