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Simple Pleasure$

Bear in mind, that there is no such thing as Freedom in My presence. Not if you aim to enjoy the best of Me, anyway. Ha. All men are slaves!

There are TWO ways to serve:



Of course, these two concepts exist in a non-dichotomous, fluid quantum spectrum. you will always be gifting and pouring forth tribute. There will always be demands placed upon you for My undivided attention. I'm simply too busy and too serious about the meetings for which I make precious time, for any other arrangement.

ALL Domme/slave relationships (real D/s relationships, anyway) are on this spectrum. TRIBUTE is for the curious, the new, the visitors, the life-encumbered, and those completely unavailable for the commitments, sacrifices, and personal journey of ACTUAL SLAVERY. Tribute bestows the casual convenience of FANTASY SLAVERY, though frankly, slavery none the less, as it ensures only My time and attention. Tribute grants exclusive audience, and all activities are ultimately executed to the tune of My twisted pleasures. I only see those with whom I share mutual interests, though, and your dedication in reading has said enough.


Dutifulness in a man is arousing, and tribute/offerings/effort is an extension of your character. 

To gain My audience at any and all points, you are bound IN MY SERVICE, in whichever way works best. Actual slaves still donate and frequently spend their hard-earned funds on gifts, play sessions, party door fees, dungeon supplies, pesky bills, dinners,

and whatever it takes to see Me smile.

Likewise, Tribute-Fantasy slaves still observe all FEMDOM decorum and abide by MY rules.


"Pay to play" is never enough, whether this is a quick play rendezvous, or ongoing.

your only erotic use is as a player in My OWN fantasies!

Thus, your SLAVE MANNERS, your approach, your choices, usefulness, personality, physical and emotional generosity, servility, and selflessness all make a difference in My own interest level and generosity. Always do your best. Newbies will be trained. I am always a DOMINA, though your manners and persona as a slave will only enhance your experience. men who know and embrace their special role in My life are arousing to Me, and that's what you need, more than anything else in the WORLD!

To learn MORE about the nature of this type of relationship, My Letter on Pro and Lifestyle Femdom would be recommended.

Tributes in General


I loathe clockwatching and enjoy Myself completely, with complete focus and enough time for a little laughter and social pampering.

Double/triple domme sessions vary widely, as do the expectations and experience level of My partner(s). I always have students. Whereas others charge these adorable, evil damsels to learn, I'll let you give them a scholarship and an ass to practice on.


350-400 + bottle of wine

(double/triple domme 400-900)

A generous hour of improvised or specially-themed socializing and play.

Great for one or two themes only in a limited time frame.

*Comfortable attire and lingerie

*Goddess Worship - foot, massage, pampering

*Corporal - perfect for a light assortment of torment

focusing on one or two areas

*Tease and Denial - taunting, simplistic roleplay

*Light Bondage, Mostly One Position - rope, cuffs, tape, plastic wrap

*Light Costume and Crossdressing from Our frilly armoire

*Light Service - serving wine, tidying up, human furniture

*Nectar and Champagne

*Smothering and/or Trampling


*Phallic Worship

*Light Bitchification and Feminization


350-650 + bottle of wine + healthy snack

(double/triple+ domme 550-1300 etc)

1.5 to 2+ hours for a more immersive experience, couples, new slaves, extremely kinky people who enjoy...

*Generous consultation and kinky interview (recommended)

*Multiple activities or themes in one visit

*More situations with the dungeon's formidable collection of furnishings and special equipment

*Elaborate Attire/Lingerie & Costumes

*Chastity Devices, Cuckolding, Forced Bi

*Artistically Themed combinations of the concepts listed above

*Moderate-Intense Bondage that is generally inescapable (yum), more intricate

*Incarceration in one or more of our 5 human cages

*Time Out in the Smother-Box

*Sounding and Invasive Play

*Severe Corporal with recess, multiple scenarios

*Fem Reprogramming and fancy crossdressing with makeup, light play

*Leaving mid-session for a Kinky Field Trip

*Tease and Denial / Prolonged Edging

*Predicament Bondage Scenarios

*Service and Pampering at a relaxing, indulgent pace

*Be Our Total Bitch Lite

*Be the Treat at a Small Private Domme Party CFNM

*Slave Training

*Nectar & Champagne Party


Special rates on lengthy playtime?


3+ hours - Maid/Butler Service - 500-1200 + wine + hors d'oeuvres + supplies

Make it a party with more Dommes, special guests!

Maid or Butler Uniform/Plugs/Punishments etc.

All about performance, scene intensity, and whether or not you're extremely useful. Training provided to the letter.

Whether you were captured by the Romans, or hired by European aristocrats, you'll work well as a servant to your owners.


2-4+hours - inquire + drinks + snacks + etc

A House of Serpentine Specialty!

Pros, students, amateurs, sexy friends, and more.

Do WHATEVER the ladies demand.

They pick the drinks, the food, and insist on whatever pleaseth them.

And here you are, no clothing, no rights.


8-12 hour Overnight sessions at the Dungeon or Home - 1000-2200+

The most interesting night of your life.

Special Activities and Interesting Guests

Relaxing or Intense!

Discover what it's like to be OWNED.

A Few Gift Ideas for the Generously Inclined

So many ways to please ME.... it's astonishing. There's something to be said for gifts, gestures, and tokens, that always imbue them with something more enduring than cash. 

While paying the dungeon rent is forever a thing, I still love the personal story created in the giving and receiving of any gift.

Wait, does the dungeon rent still need paying? How about My phone? What about the luxuries and lovely things in life? I'll never forget the amazing slave who put Me in a Mercedes.

Entry Level: Useful 


It's such a thoughtful thing to do, and this is the perfect gift to show appreciation for a long phone interview, lengthy email exchange, or other unexpected and appreciated moment of generosity.


Additionally, it's beyond easy and anonymous. Simply find anywhere T-Mobile offers prepaid cards (Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, etc.) and load one with cash for at least $50 (any excess can be added to next month), and send the code revealed on the back scratch-off. Voila! I always appreciate this.

Entry Level: Fun

For those utterly wild moments for the reckless and sophisticated, there always remains that familiar pleasure of opening FUN gifties for Domina. Small packages and wee gestures are no less amusing, especially when unexpected. While some may only list the priciest panties and playthings, I've gotten quite a lot of joy from stretchy little nothings and cheap, imported pussyshakers.


Every month, I look forward to spending three hours in wardrobe and makeup purgatory, just to strut all over the monthly Submission or FetishFactory party in some slinky little somethingorother. I relish it, though a pricey hobby it can be, and I absolutely love it when I'm gifted with a ticket. Yes yes, I know..."why doesn't Domina have a ticket gimp or date walking along beside her over gilded pathways bestrewn with rose petals? Because I'm a sexy, fun, predatory, high-spirited maniac, that's why. And I don't believe I should be forced to endure the old cliches, or slog through a night of nonsensical complications for literally anyone. Sorry, not sorry, because I'm there to vampyrically prowl and be a thoroughly adorable little creeper, all while seeing My dear FF family and friends. The gift of a ticket makes the entire night better!

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Personal Submissive Level Gifts

Are you a personal submissive, or perhaps just aspiring to be?

If you know much of anything about Me, you'll know I love bullwhips.

Long, long, well-crafted bullwhips.

And, of course, many other things as well.

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