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Get Captured!

I have two hobbies: Power Exchange & Photography. 

They say we don't see objects, but instead, only the light which reflects off their molecular boundaries. I find this interesting, because there are rare occurrences when the reflected light truly captures the energy of the moment. I've been told there's something oddly characteristic about My art and agree that every photograph is an expression of My own experience and how I choose to see the world-- kinkily.

But then, the subject of the piece is both lending the energy quite actively to the shoot, while the photographer controls much, if not everything. This in itself is a dance of power exchange and subjugation.

"Listen, if you want good photos, you need to do exactly as I say,

standing just like this, and there, point that toe.... good.

Oh, yesss... incredibly hot. And arch, yesss.

OK, spread your legs. No, more like thisss.

There, now let me just adjust this little strap...

Now, try holding this in your teeth!"

We've all heard that being photographed can be a sublimely erotic experience for the model. Just the level of energy one absorbs from a fascinated photographer is in itself a dance of capture, idolatry, and objectification. I shoot in such a way as to render My subjects in an ambiance of dreamlike fantasy that is MY perception of their soul, their moment, their surrender to the artist. I also enjoy making dominants look incredibly powerful, and capturing the beauty of any alternative relationship. Commemorative photo shoots of collerings and anniversaries make amazing gifts, and include a collection of high-resolution, lightly edited photos. Each studio hour should provide 10 hot photos to be enjoyed indefinitely. 

Private Erotic Photo Shoot Sessions in  Studio

$300, 1hr shoot

$600, 2.5hr shoot

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