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Email with a Potential Do-boy

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Let's try it, do-boy. I haven't had much time to reply until now because I'm just too busy....but.... what am I thinking? I have a good do-boy here, ready to straighten it all out! How nice! Tell Me more about your skills and particular strengths.

There's always tribute of some kind... but not necessarily of the financial persuasion. Instead, it's a little like worshipping PombaGira. At times, the offerings are practical, but more likely instead, they are merely naughty, freaky, and interesting. If you do-boy at the dungeon, be ready to bring dungeon supplies, tools, and the like, but also be ready to up Our panty supply, bring special new sex toys, some of which will be specifically for Women... hell, they're ALL for women on some level. I always love new toys. What girl doesn't? But for Me, I'd almost rather open a nicely-boxed kangaroo bullwhip than a diamond necklace... almost.

There are some things for which I'm insatiable - high quality impact toys, sure, but also contraptions. Did you know, slaves are so selfish, they can browse an entire toy store and only bring the toys they plan to have used on THEM? So fascinating, the self-centeredness. Doesn't anybody ever think of bringing something fun for the LADIES? At least then, I could put My smooth, heeled feet up on the sofa and pleasure Myself whilst watching you push and pull that noisy little rattletrap of a vacuum around the room. Now THAT'S being thoughtful. That's the kind of love I'm looking for in a man.

As for supplies, there's always an open list: paper towels and cleaning products, spring water, black gloves, wine or nice liquor, or the classic Tito's for the occasional social moment, anything four twentyish, quality lotions and massage oils, new cleaning tools, Halloween and dungeon themed party supplies, etc etc. On the flipside, toys, toys, toys. Interesting chastity toys, cockrings and CBT gadgets, paddles, floggers, items that cater to My adoration of high quality whips, spreaderbars, restraints, fancy remote gizmos, and milking doohickeys so I can get My twisted little kicks raping boys. On specifics, I'll tell you usually in advance, and if it's something you must order, you'll send your tracking info and come in to present it once it arrives, show it off well, and be a good pet if I need to test it on a hapless victim. I'm into finding the right fit, houseboy-wise, and the dungeon is a screening step to see who comes to My home down the line. I love slaves a that are intelligent and ambitious in proving themselves. I find it hot, actually.

And for whom and what I find hot, I tend to find time.

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