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Balls2theWall CFNM Musings

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Woe to any sub who is seeketh a great dominatrix party in this sprawling subtropical sub-metropolis. Anyone remember Balls2theWall? ...My old party of yore, circa 2015-ish, that put everything Dungeon Fungeon on the map. And when I say, on the map, I mean national and international travelers, lightly packed for the most epic CFNM slavepit party imaginable. Often imitated, never replicated.

But what made it so wicked and so goooooood?

I'll pass the glory on to the fabulously well curated battalion of ladies, some of whom were indeed very experienced local, visiting, lifestyle and prodommes, but many, many, many of whom were My many friends and acquaintances from travels into all types of clubs, dive bars, punk rock shows, goth clubs, and drinking holes of coolness, not to mention bank lobbies, beach babes, college students, you name it! The entire thing was smoothly slooshed into a day's adventure unlike any other.

Also, the format was unique among shindigs: a special slavepit cover charge gained entry for the selected applicants (who still brought tips, gifts, refreshments, and big broad grins), and activities rolled along quite organically. There you go. No pants. No wallets. No cash. No Rights! It was sheer, unbridled gynarchy... a prowling ground for predatory women to choose and tease their eager, hapless male victims, and for new ladies, who had perhaps never seen such a land of debauchery, to enjoy that taste of blood to initiate them into Femdom.

Every and all participants passed a personalized screening process with yours truly, and play was safe, sane, and consensual. Tickets were priced as sessions, to keep the ratio perfect, with women often outnumbering Our slaves. The crowd was unusually attractive and bon vivre of bdsm flowed freely. Shy boys were brought into the fold by seasoned mistresses, and experienced slaves volunteered their vulnerable, tender tentacles to be educational tools for the new and curious.

Boys got spit roasted in the middle of the room. Ladies were worshipped. Feet and bodies were massaged with fancy oils. Boys played musical cages. Balls were shocked, dongs got sucked, and many men were forced to partake of their own donut glaze. There was once a pinwheel of golden drizzle. There was a frolicky game of mr. ringtoss. While drinking was not particularly encouraged, much wine was served to the ladies, amongst other refreshments, and slaves eagerly enjoyed a round of GrayGooseMagicalNectar shots to celebrate the ladies who were so loving and kind as to brutally and unapologetically enslave them all there for the afternoon.

Perhaps I should elaborate on some of these stories...

Perhaps I should create another party!

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