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Dommes -and- Doms

There's nothing quite as much fun as triangulating on a helpless toy alongside one of My very special friends. At times, We laugh amongst Ourselves over your helplessness, or show off Our new techniques, or simply enjoy having a shared servant. I've always loved side-by-side massages and foot rubs. It's always nice to socialize in style, with a butler or maid to serve a party of powerful women.... or a sexy couple, as you'll find with Myself and Sanguine Poison. Any lucky slave might find himself the star of a private CFNM (clothed female naked male) party, laid bare whilst the ladies giggle and taunt him towards yet more ridiculous levels and naughty behaviour.

IMG_33771 (1).jpg

Venus Veneris

Femdom Neverdowell

Darkness is the Platinum Key to My heart and soul.

Morganna Vampira 


Possessing a keen thirst for mischief.


Robyn Tombs

You will serve ME,

Kiss these royal toes!

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