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slave referrals?

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

The one thing I've learned about BDSM - there's something for everybody, sure. I'm quite certain indeed, that no matter how acerbic or saccharine, ditzy, cruel, crazed, or mellifluous any woman is, there's an aching man out there, parched for Her poison. Some men love sluts, whilst others' mouths water for unquenchable ideals. Good for you all. Yes.

For this reason, I rarely take slave referrals seriously. The times in which the bait and switch have graced my concrete floor? A few, and nearly always in situations where an opening like this found My inbox: "Hey, I moved out of town/am busy/indisposed and I have this great sub for you!". Well, My pretties, think again.

The issue is that what I offer and truly lust for is authentic domination, easy and passionate supremacy, cool ownership, and hot possession, in a time at which such bygone notions seem as distant as cobweb globbed archiasms of outmoded pulchritude. Too many prodommes cater to the newest style of phallic coddling- the whining of massage parlor pets and frivolous expectations. I love frivolity, too, but in My world, you are the filet. Perhaps we'll grace you with a smile. My pets come to Me in originality, seduced by the grandeur of authenticity. If you've read this far, you're doing well. I commend you and let's consider you just this much closer to your dreams.

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