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Updated: Aug 12, 2022

There's nothing like a good poking match with the patriarchy. By the patriarchy, I specifically mean the mindset of males to subdue females, and quite unfortunately, the outcomes of said indoctrinations on females within the same sphere.

Anyone trying to find Me from Collarspace, feel free to contact Me here, as apparently CS isn't a place for femdom forward thinking.

I only date kinkily, and I only relationship FLR. Why this deeply troubles so many men, and especially so many women, mystifies Me. There's no mentioning of tribute or findom anything... nope nope. This one was about the ongoing frustration of not finding worthy husband property material. But a girl's gotta be honest, right? I'll be honest: I'm a depraved, fun, classy woman who lives for power exchange, and I have a dungeon, and I'm at times an avid minion-and-cock collector. Notwithstanding, I took out all the parts about how much I love riding on a golden throne above a harem of sexually aching male property. I took out the parts about being My handyman slave minion. I took out the parts about showing up and being My bitch short term because some people aren't going to cut it in long term servitude. I figured they didn't like anyone who is too legit. hmmmm..... I mean, what's the problem here?

Behold, the fabulous profile that some find so shocking... what do YOU think?:



Fantasy, hopes, dreams..... the most potent of elixirs to the human soul. I am here to hear these things, and if they meet My own, then let us play. I seek REAL encounters and genuine connections with brave creatures who crave the opportunity to be subs and true slaves, and to explore the glorious fun of a sexy, deep, female led relationship. FLR is not without its burdens, and if you seek to enter My personal life as a partner or slave, anticipate spending hours, days, years, or forever making my life easier and more pleasant, answering to My desires, working around the house, blissfully trapped in the chains of devotion, and potentially locked in a cockring or chastity! I love a man who can make My home and property a haven for friends and family, all the while supporting Me in My devlish doings elsewhere in My private dungeon or selected local fetish events and gothic clubs. My purpose here has much to do with companionship and service in a D/s relationship, so I do not respond to casual propositions and random chats unless well written and particularly interesting.

Occasionally, it's enjoyable casually playing with dominants who are curious about submitting to a goddess, though keep in mind, when talking with Me, I make all the rules and demand all the attention! Being in My company should be enough, and lack of gratitude gains swift cancellation. I love having a good time, and My list of kinks is myriad, ranging from sensual to occasionally severe. As an owner of pets, I have a few and demand all play nicely. Yes, I can be on the possessive side. And yes, I often demand total control, but through the most velvety and hot manipulations. Not to worry...youll love every moment as My property. Erotically tormenting men is an addiction to a woman like Myself...keeping him in suspense, maintaining that focus, twisting him to meet My desires as his own! Every time you look down between your legs at MY (formerly your) cock in its rigid confinement, youll know to whom you belong!


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