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Delicious+ CFnm Madness Afoot in Flunky-Man-Funky South Florida! Floridaman, naked!

That's right, skeezebobs and spunkdoodles, we're talking Florida. What more could you possibly expect from a state that resembles a huge dangling dong of amorality and quagmirical indecency? Sexy filth is our prerogative, and this state is infamous for Brazilian Butt Lifts and pole dancing. But wait, where's the fun in that

Especially here in the birthplace of Floridaman. Floridaman is about an odd and overriding lust for the idiosyncratic, the odd, the total and flagrant abandonment of dignity, and embracing passion over over sensibility, ridiculousness over normalcy, and freakiness as a baseline, not a boundary.

I'll never forget My first real CFnm (Clothed Female / naked male Party), where I became quickly addicted to being surrounded by the idolatry of vulnerable, very available boys. It's a fetish for some of us: the congaline of a humiliated polyverse. I got My own dungeon rolling just to host these special slavepit parties, which I dubbed Balls2theWall. Freakishly fantastic times, oh yes. And here we are, after much ado, reintroducing the dynamic to spice up My lifestyle and see just how much fun My hot, kinky girlfriends and I can pack into a room.

What you must do, is stay tuned. Follow the blog, and whenever I concoct an update, you'll be the first to know. I do many types of Dom/sub mashups at My marvelous, mystical dungeon, and absolutely love them all!

I accept direct calls on the subject, but serious inquiries only, and have an amazon gift code handy or be sent to get one! The direct number is 9five4 3ninety-three 2o sixty-three. Yes, that's an intelligence test. 

Discover yourself enthralled by GYNARCHY! NO clothing- NO rights!

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