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Therapeutic Sadism on the Seas of Quarantines

Updated: May 19, 2022

...... AH, the frustration of being trapped indoors! Let this be dealt with most simply by staying at the dungeon. Social distancing is easy from different sides of cage bars, and at the opposite end of 4 foot whips and floggers!

Just this last week, a face from the past reared its ridiculous grin. Tell Me, someone please, why are masochists such clowns? Is the goal to raise My ire and earn a harsher punishment?

Yes, I suspect so.

And this must have had a lot to do with why I so rarely choose to see them.... it's because they so often thrive off buffoonery and are beyond ridiculous. Not to mention that so many masochists is just as weirdly and insecnsibly cheap and stingy... I've rarely known one to be short on money and still not try their hardest to grift, scam, rob and short the dominatrix they tribute to beat their ass safely and sanely. you would think your health might mean more to you, but then, I'm not the one getting whipped for fun.

But I do absolutely relish being the executioner of karma and dishing it out, and there's literally nothing like the sharp, predatory, euphoric high gained in the moment I make you dance at the end of My sexy little tortures. It's all energy sex, My darlings.

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